What if…

For me, these are the most powerful words in the English language.
What if man could fly?
What if I could have the sum total of human knowledge in my pocket?
What if I could talk to someone on the picture phone like they did on the Jetsons?

What if I could help people improve their lives?

My personal mission is the help people learn to succeed. That mission has taken me many places over the years and I’m not through yet!

Relevant Skills

Lean Thinker: Looking at the world through lean glasses leads me to ask questions. More times than not, these questions involve asking why we are doing things a certain way. It is in this process of asking and answering, that I discover value and waste.

Learning Facilitator: I have found no greater joy than helping someone connect with a difficult and unfamiliar concept. Whether it is a child learning to read or an adult, learning complex concepts, the rush is still the same.

Innovative Implementer: Each of my previous positions presented unique challenges and with my help, teams designed and deployed innovative solutions.

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